Food from the Sun


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Neven Maguire presents a radiant collection of recipes inspired by the food from our favourite travel destinations. From the al fresco trattorias of Italy to the street food of Vietnam, Food from the Sun will make your kitchen a place to enjoy that true holiday spirit all year round.

Have you ever yearned to recreate a memorable Mediterranean meal or wondered how to make mouth-watering Thai dishes? Neven presents more than 100 delicious recipes from around the world and shows how easy it can be to cook your much-loved cuisines at home.

His recipes are innovative yet straightforward, leaving plenty of time for a siesta once the plates are empty. Whether you want an assortment of flavoursome tapas for a group of friends; to have the whole family round for a Moroccan feast, or just enjoy a simple dish with someone special, Food from the Sun is bursting with inspiration.

With beautiful finished food shots and evocative location photography to accompany the recipes, this cookbook will bring sunshine to your kitchen no matter what the weather outside.

Recipes include:

Baked Sea Bass with Tomatoes and Olives,
Beetroot Carpaccio with Creamed Goat's Cheese,
Spicy Chicken and Mango Noodles,
Moroccan Lamb Tagine,
Crispy Wild Mushroom Risotto balls with Leek and Smoked Bacon,
Summer Fruit Crumble with Citrus Mascarpone Cream