Instant Pot Miracle Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

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The newest in the bestselling Instant Pot Miracle series, Instant Pot Miracle Mediterranean Diet Cookbook teaches you how to follow one of the world’s healthiest and most recommended diets on the planet—with 100 delicious recipes designed for the Instant Pot. Authorized by Instant Brands.

After years of following a strict Keto diet, Urvashi Pitre found that Keto was not only no longer helping her achieve her weight goals, it was also negatively impacting her rheumatoid arthritis. Her quest for a scientifically backed, anti-inflammatory way of eating led her to the Mediterranean Diet. Not only did the change significantly reduce her swelling and discomfort, but she was back to enjoying bread, grains, and fruit which she hadn’t had in years—Urvashi was feeling better than ever, all while eating foods that were restricted on prior diets. 

Now she shares those recipes that worked for her, all with the help of the Instant Pot to reduce cooking times and cleanup. She uses the principles of the Mediterranean way of eating and applies them to foods and flavors from across the world. Focusing on hearty whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and meat in moderation, this diet is heart-healthy and sure to leave you satisfied. Urvashi’s recipes are known for being foolproof, so you can trust that your meal will come out perfectly every time. With tasty flavors and satisfying ingredients, Instant Pot Miracle Mediterranean Diet Cookbook will be your go-to for healthy meals any day of the week.

Recipes include:

• Sicilian Eggplant Caponata

• Hearty Tortellini Soup

• Greek Green Beans with Chicken (Fassolakia)

• Salmon Pesto with Spinach

• Butternut Chickpea Stew

• Farro Risotto with Goat Cheese

• Apple and Quinoa Porridge

• Rice Milk Horchata

• Easy Garlic Naan