PING!: Cook, Bake, Create Using Just Your Microwave


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Create cost-effective, energy-efficient, delicious dishes using just your microwave oven

PING! is set to revolutionise microwave cooking.

Discover the magic of your microwave

Follow food expert and bestselling author Justine Pattison and learn how to cook over 100 accessible, modern, fresh recipes cooked in the microwave oven.

From quick breakfasts and handy snacks to healthy soups, tasty main meals, sweet treats and even an entire ‘roast’ chicken – it’s all possible, with amazing results!

PING! will show how you can create beautiful, delicious dishes using just your microwave.

Each recipe is designed specifically for microwave cooking – and they are not only simple to prepare and taste amazing – but they look great too.

Save time, money and energy with delicious recipes that will transform the way you cook.