Dark Tort

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The New York Times bestselling author of Double Shot cooks up a knockout treat featuring irrepressible caterer Goldy Schulz that gives new meaning to the phrase, “let’s kill all the lawyers”

I tripped over the body of Dusty Routt sometime after 10 on the evening of October 19th.

Goldy Schulz has a lucrative new gig, preparing breakfasts and conference room snacks for a local law firm. It’s time consuming, but Goldy is enjoying it—until the night she arrives to find the firm’s paralegal dead. The poor girl also happens to be Goldy’s next-door neighbor, and now her grieving mother begs Goldy to find out who murdered her daughter.

Just because the police are on the case doesn’t mean Goldy can’t do a little snooping—and catering—too. Before long, Goldy is knee-deep in suspects, one of whom is very dangerous and very liable to cook Goldy’s goose.