Taste Top 100 THE FAST REVOLUTION: Your ultimate intermittent fasting cookbook


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Losing weight has never been so easy, so sustainable, or tasted so good. The Fast Revolution makes the entire process not just doable, but also fun. This is intermittent fasting without the fuss. Expertly curated by taste.com.au's food and nutrition teams, The Fast Revolution is packed with more than 100 quick and easy healthy recipes all made with fresh ingredients.

The Fast 800 and 5:2 Diets have been international sensations, educating us with the latest science around the long-term health and weight-loss benefits of intermittent fasting. Now, Australia's number-one, most loved and trusted food brand, taste.com.au, brings you The Fast Revolution, an inspiring cookbook where intermittent fasting meets real life, with innovative meal plans, delicious recipes, and calorie guides, plus tips and tricks you need to stay on track.

The Fast Revolution is designed for everyone - no matter who you are, no matter your size, gender, exercise level or your dietary preferences. The Fast Revolution delivers recipes and planning tools to maximise the benefits of intermittent fasting to help you hit your magic 800-calorie target.

The Fast Revolution also brings you closer to enjoying all the scientifically proven benefits of intermittent fasting - from delayed ageing, to reduced risk of a huge range of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Vive la Revolution!

What's inside:

A game-changing formula

A perfect planner for fasting and non-fasting days. You certainly won't go hungry! The dishes in The Fast Revolution may be low in calories but they truly satisfy, with big flavour and lots of hearty goodness. They're also super easy to adapt for non-fasting days - just follow the tips for doubling or tweaking the recipe to make it more substantial.

Mix and match

The meal choices are vast, and tailored for you with a top 100 recipe selection that allows you to build your fast days and non-fast days, block by block, using the mix-and-match guides. With a thumbnail picture shown of each recipe, these guides make planning your day and your week a cinch, whether you're someone who plans ahead or on the run.

Nutritional information on all recipes

Each recipe comes complete with an inspirational full-page image, and loads of tips and information, including a full nutritional panel to help you track your protein, carbs and fats, and of course count calories which are big and bold throughout. Also included with each recipe are at-a-glance key guides to vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free recipes, as well as make-ahead options.

Your Fast Revolution day

Create your own 800-calorie day or follow our handy plans. Just think of each day in terms of three key building blocks:

  • main meals, whether breakfast lunch or dinner (around 500 cals or less)
  • light meals (around 250 cals or less)
  • snacks (125 cals or less). This includes bites and quick snacks that need no preparation or cooking in an Easy Calorie Reckoner.

Yes, snacks! They're an essential part of the formula to keep you satisfied and on track with your weight loss goals. That's because The Fast Revolution is all about real life, not denying life's pleasures ... like beer, wine and other treats that are so often on the 'banned' list for other diet plans.

Whichever the plan, and whatever the recipes you choose for that day, it's a given that they will be easy, nutritious, family-friendly, and super tasty. You seriously can't go wrong.