The Ultimate Diet Log

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Suzanne Schlosberg, the creator of The Ultimate Workout Log teams up with nutrionist Cynthia Sass, the New York Times bestselling coauthor of Flat Belly Diet!, for The Ultimate Diet Log, an essential 26-week diet log that can be tailored to any eating regimen and can help drive long-term weight loss. Experts believe that simply being aware of what you eat is half the weight-loss battle. The Ultimate Diet Log is a goal-oriented daily diary for tracking food choices, eating habits, and exercise patterns for anyone interested in losing weight, firming up, or just eating better. With its accessible, flexible format that can accommodate any eating plan, this indispensable log helps readers chart their way through the four stages of food awareness to permanent weight loss and improve their daily eating habits for life.Features include:* 5-day initial assessment* 3-step plan to narrow the focus and set smart goals* 26-week daily diary* Healthy eating tips* Charts to track progress* And more